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A successful serial entrepreneur, Dave Gilmore has founded a number of businesses and has been an instrumental part of several thriving organizations, including a consulting firm, security company, nonprofit, and renovation business. His background is in computer information systems/business management, and he has worked in corporate America for more than 20 years, where he gained a wealth of experience and insight, and exceptional networking skills. One of his earlier jobs was managing a nightclub, which led to him opening a prosperous nightclub with a partner. In 2013, after being approached by others for advice on business ownership, he founded the consulting firm D.A. Gilmore. Dave helps people create a structural design for their business to simplify their processes, improve efficiencies, and increase the bottom line. Three years later, Dave teamed up with one of his clients and co-founded The Exclusive Protective Services, a highly successful company that provides physical security guards for people, places, and things.


Through continued networking, he partnered with a friend and developed Blue Square Renovations, a female- and minority-owned business where, as project manager, Dave handles all facets of home renovations. Working with homeowners led him to create Community Action Development, a nonprofit whose goal is to teach people how to leverage their biggest asset, their home, and turn it into a profitable entity. “Our mission is to increase economic value in different communities while teaching people how to maximize their opportunities and create a legacy for their families,” Dave said. He is also the owner of Luxury Leasing Management, a company that simplifies the process of managing rental properties for owners and investors working with Blue Square Renovations.

He is one of the founders of The DRR Group, an umbrella group that is developing a restaurant named The Gilmore and the Rose Royce Lounge, an area he and his wife’s family are experienced in, and MyFed Benefits, which handles life insurance and retirement benefits, another one of Dave’s areas of expertise. “In everything I do, what I enjoy most is helping people succeed,” he said. “Seeing the success of that structural design be implemented, the foundation set, and the person able to be productive is a blessing.”

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